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The Me Inside of Me: Why I Think My Web Series 'Pickle' is Significant

When working on a project a few months ago (a project that I'm still yet to complete), I came up with the idea of a web series that eventually became Pickle. I wanted to make it my mission to create a narrative about a young, gay character where their main story arc wasn't their coming out. But even though that's what I wanted to portray in the show, the main character I play isn't like me at all.

The Importance of Being Charitable

After making an episode of my podcast Opening Doors on the topic of mental health and interviewing my friend Zoe, I was inspired to host a midnight walk in aid of the mental health charity Mind. The event was a raging success and raised over £1000 for the charity. Today, I want to talk about why I'm always up for charity work and the difference a little bit of your time can make to others.

I Did A Prom (And It Was Hard)

About three weeks ago now, my school prom took place. About six months before that, I signed on to organise the entire event... almost entirely on my own. It was a hard task, but one that I was willing to accept. Today, I want to talk through the entire process behind pulling off the biggest event I've ever organised. All photography provided by Layne Cooper from Alba Cove Photography.