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Three's A Crowd

On a complete whim this week (it always happens on a whim), we welcomed a third cat into our home: Salem, named after the ever-iconic feline star of the Nickelodeon hit show 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. Initially though, the idea of having a third cat daunted me like no one's business, but not so much my mother. But as the days have passed, the tables have turned...

Television Has Become The Millenial Self-Help Guide. Kind Of.

As the iconic HBO original series Sex and the City turns 19 years old this week, I thought I'd look back on how television has shaped our millennial culture, the television shows that have inspired my life, and how we're in a new golden age of television once again. Photo of me on a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired stoop in Victoria by my friend Rukaya Cesar.

If It's Broke, Fix It

When I come up with an idea, it's natural instinct for me to want to push forward with making it a reality but what you have to accept when doing that is that the idea might fall flat on its face; just because it works in my head doesn't necessarily mean that it'll work in reality. And when that occurs, that's when the need to fix something - or to remove it entirely - must kick in.